The Palmerton Group

Go from idea to execution!

Let us help you build a strategic plan that takes you from idea to execution!

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Our clients have more time, are less overwhelmed and most importantly, have the clarity and mental space needed to work on their business. The Palmerton Strategy was created after seeing small business owners struggle to balance personal responsibilities and growing their business. We use a holistic yet strategic approach to identify and provide solutions to challenges around strategic planning, project management, process improvement and productivity. Our strategic plans give you the foundation needed to take intentional daily initiative towards your overarching long term plans and immediate goals. Your vision is the anchor based on your company’s mission and values, and is used to drive all business activities. We have successfully created a process that provides resources and education that lasts beyond your time with The Palmerton Group.

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are you setting intentional goals to manage your to do lists and tasks day to day in your small business start up

vision & direction

A strong business needs to have direction and vision to drive growth and profitability. Thrive in your zone of genius by streamlining your vision, goals and projects. We design a strategic step by step plan to maximize your resources.  Projects start at: $1800

simplified & Standardized business Processes

Structure is key to supporting the growth of your business. Gain clarity by getting your business information out of your head and on to paper. We map business processes to strengthen your operations. Projects start at: $2200

Do you need a new client or employee onboarding process for your business?

do you have the business processes, employees, and systems needed to grow your small business?

accountability & continuous improvement

Change is guaranteed in business and to be sustainable you need to make strategic adjustments as you grow. By analyzing your business performance and holding yourself accountable, you will be able to successfully scale. We ensure you have the systemspeople and processes in place to sustain growth and create an improvement. We provide accountability calls for 90 days on a timeline that fits your schedule. Projects start at $1250

refresh your workflow

An intensive version for smaller projects that includes 8 hours to organize your business, provide standardized workflows for common processes, create your to do list and to give you control back over your time. Project rate $650

consulting with entrepreneurs to help them achieve clarity and forward progress